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Perv in training
Discovering one kink at a time...
Ah, LJ. It brings me back. I had a LJ account over a decade ago that I kept for years. Back when you needed an invite or pay for a code to create an account. How far we've come.

It's only natural I come back to LJ to start a new blog. It's nostalgic and I like the anonymity it provides.

Let's talk about me, shall we? I'm Rae. I'm in my late 20's and I have a great career. I'm in middle of a separation/divorce and have a boyfriend. We'll talk about him later as he will be my partner in most of the stories.

I explored sexually a tiny, tiny bit years ago but that relationship ended with my engagement. My husband was very vanilla and wasn't interested in exploring. My piqued curiosity went unanswered and left much to be desired. Now I have a partner that's more experienced in kink and full of ideas. I needed someone to talk to about the life I'm experiencing with him so I'm here.

Even if no one reads this, it'll be a good outlet for me to put it all out there. I can almost hear LJ welcoming me back.

If you're over 18 and curious about the private contents, simply add me. I'll add you back.
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